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Air VentApril 6, 2020

Homeowner Self-Help Attic Ventilation Inspection Checklist

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Homeowners, to assist your roofing contractor, complete the questions in this attic inspection checklist and share the results. This checklist will help you and your contractor identify potential problems with your attic ventilation system and ensure these issues are properly addressed during the roofing project. Consider taking your own photos and sharing them with your contractor.

 PDF Download: Homeowner Self-Help Attic Ventilation Inspection



Air VentMarch 30, 2020

Homeowner Alert: Attic Airflow is a Roof's "Insurance Policy"

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Proper attic ventilation helps a residential roof meet its life expectancy because it helps to fight summertime heat buildup, wintertime moisture buildup and ice dams in snow regions. Additionally, the full terms of the shingle warranty are tied to proper attic ventilation and building code clearly specifies proper attic ventilation. And yet, during our best practices in residential attic ventilation seminars for roofing professionals across North America increasingly we’re hearing, “Homeowner’s Insurance refuses to pay the cost for the attic ventilation and so the homeowner is asking us to skip it; which means the brand-new roof will not have proper attic ventilation.”

Click the link below to read the fill report

 PDF Download: Attic Airflow is a Roof's "Insurance Policy"



Air VentDecember 19, 2019

Tip for Homeowners: Be Careful Painting the Intake Vents

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Painted-over intake vents can significantly reduce the airflow through the vents. Avoid clogging/restricting the intake into your attic. Thank you for sharing this, Trevor Atwell from Atwell Exterior Services, LLC, Greenville, NC.



Air VentDecember 12, 2019

Survey Says...Many residential attics could benefit from improved attic ventilation

In our poll of residential roofing contractors across North America, 77% of the homes today have improper attic ventilation, including not enough or incorrect ventilation. It only makes sense, then, that the roofing contractor brings it up during the estimating process for your new roof. If the contractor doesn’t, that should be a red flag to you.



Air VentNOVEMBER 21, 2019

Tip for Homeowners: "A Word of Caution about Humidifiers"

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Double-check the settings when using humidifiers. Common household models can add over 15 gallons of moisture to your home daily, which can be challenging for the attic ventilation system to handle. Check out "A Word of Caution about Humidifiers" shared by a roofing contractor.

 PDF Download: "A Word of Caution about Humidifiers" 


Air VentNOVEMBER 7, 2019

Homeowner Alert: Your Roofer Has Something to Tell You

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“Attic ventilation gives you a return on investment better than any other ‘system’ within the roof assembly. Lower electricity costs and extended roof life...”


– Chris Arrington, Arrington Roofing, Dallas, TX.

 PDF Download: Dear Homeowner, Your Roofer Has Something to Tell You



Air VentOCTOBER 24, 2019

Industry Tips: What Homeowners Should Know About Attic Ventilation

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One of our most popular handouts at the annual Air Vent "Ask the Expert" Seminars. Making the Top Five list for homeowners: Exhaust without Intake is useless.

 PDF Download: What Homeowners Should Know About Attic Ventilation




Air VentOCTOBER 10, 2019

Tip for Homeowners: Do not mix exhaust types

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“Cross venting (or short-circuiting) is when a roof has more than one attic exhaust vent system. The vent systems don't work correctly, pulling air from each other instead of from the soffit vents at the eave. Potentially they can pull rain and snow into the attic. One exhaust vent system per roof please. In this example, there is an electric power fan, wind turbines, and Box Vents."


– Sue McCollum May, A Better Way Construction & Roofing, Lincoln, NE.

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Air VentOCTOBER 3, 2019

Tip for Homeowners: Find a creative use for old wind turbines.

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“I cannot take credit for this idea but definitely put them into the right hands. I have a creative friend who knew exactly what to do with these rusted turbines we removed on a recent roofing project."


– Trevor Atwell, Atwell Exterior Services, Greenville, NC.

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Air VentSEPTEMBER 26, 2019

Roofing projects are not just about the price.

“A customer today told me I sold myself because I paid attention to the detail part of the roofing project, which included intake and exhaust ventilation; and explaining I was going to check under the roof decking in the cathedral ceiling area to make sure there is proper airflow. That is why I was awarded the job. It was not about the price difference. It was about the detailed part of my presentation. He said my price was higher but I was doing more work for his dollar."


– Ron Bastain, Bastain Roofing, Richfield, WI.

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Homeowner Videos

Homeowner Videos Homeowner Videos


Air VentApril 8, 2020

Video: Of the 5 Types of Attic Exhaust Vents, Ridge Vents are #1

Why are Ridge Vents the #1 option? In this video from our annual Ask the Expert Seminars, Paul Scelsi explains why Ridge Vents are the optimum exhaust vent for continuous airflow compared to other ventilation alternatives.


Air VentApril 1, 2020

Video: Your Choice Homeowner: Ridge Vent or a BUNCH of Other Vent Types

Better performance. Better appearance. In this video from our annual Ask the Expert Seminars, Paul Scelsi explains just how many wind turbines or box vents it would take to match the performance of end-to-end Ridge Ventilation.


Air VentMarch 26, 2020

Video: #1 Problem Across North America = Lack of Intake Ventilation in the Attic

What is the #1 ventilation mistake in North America? In this video from our annual Ask the Expert Seminars, Paul Scelsi explains how intake ventilation is the leading cause of call-backs from roofing contractors.



Air Ventjanuary 2, 2020

Video: Do Not Put a Bag Over the Wind Turbine Ever...Including the Winter

Mistakes to Avoid: In this clip from the Air Vent Ask the Expert Seminars, Paul Scelsi explains why covering a wind turbine is never a good idea for the homeowner…even in the Winter.



Air VentDecember 5, 2019

Video: Attic Ventilation Must Include Balanced Intake and Exhaust

Balanced attic airflow is best. In this clip from the Air Vent Ask the Expert Seminars, Paul Scelsi explains that in order for the attic ventilation system to perform properly it must be balanced with intake and exhaust vents.



Air VentNOVEMBER 15, 2019

Video: Never mix two different types of attic exhaust vents above a common attic

Don't mix ventilation types! In this clip from the Air Vent Ask the Expert Seminars, Paul Scelsi details why combining two different types of attic exhaust vents is problematic and should always be avoided.


Air VentNOVEMBER 1, 2019

Video: Why Homeowners Should Vent the Attics Under Their Roofs

Why ventilate the attic? In this clip from the Air Vent Ask the Expert Seminars, Paul Scelsi details the effects of heat and moisture build-up in your home's attic.




Ventilation News

Homeowner News Ventilation News


Air VentOCTOBER 17, 2019

Industry Article: Roofing Contractors 'Vent' About Homeowners

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“Think of attic ventilation as a prescription for good home health. With proper ventilation, the home will breathe easier with less potential for mold and premature aging and failure of the roof system. Not to mention the reduced costs of operating the heating and cooling system."


– Jeff Barnett, Barnett Roofing & Siding, Inc., Canton, MI.

 PDFRead the full article




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