How do you handle Edge Vent installation with open valleys?

There are three possible options in dealing with open valley installations of The Edge Vent.


Option 1: Position The Edge Vent so that it terminates 2 feet from the open valley with the built-in end plug on the vent facing the open valley. Remember, the slot cut in the deck for The Edge Vent terminates 6 inches from the very end of the vent, or 2-½ feet from the centerline of the valley. Install shingle underlayment over The Edge Vent, followed by flashing material wrapped over the end of the vent onto the deck at the location facing the open valley, and then install the shingles. (NOTE: Install the valley underlayment and valley flashing as normal.) As the shingles are installed toward the valley, they will need to be cut at the end of the vent run so that the flashing covering the end plug is exposed and the shingles are completely supported by both the vent and the roof deck beside the vent. This will result in a slight step of the shingles at the end of the vent run.


Option 2: Similar to Option 1 except that the flashing is not required. After the slot is cut 2-½ feet from the centerline of the valley and The Edge Vent is installed, install a shim (field constructed) to taper the end profile of the vent to the roof deck (towards the valley and uphill from the drip edge of the roof). Install the underlayment over the vent and the shim. (NOTE: Install the valley underlayment and valley flashing as normal.) Finally, install the shingles towards the cut valley as normal. This second option could provide better aesthetics than the first option by eliminating the slight step in the shingles at the end of the vent run.


Option 3: Terminate the roof deck slot for The Edge Vent 12” from the centerline of the valley. Miter cut two sticks of The Edge Vent and install into the centerline from both sides of the valley. Depending on the gauge and features of the valley flashing metal, it may be necessary to install a shim in the valley uphill from The Edge Vent to fully support the valley flashing. Install the valley underlayment, valley flashing, and shingles as normal for an open valley roofing application. This option could be the most aesthetically pleasing of the three options.

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