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ARMA Technical Bulletin: Considerations in Attic Ventilation System Selection


Attics generally fall into one of three configurations. Each attic configuration interacts with and affects the asphalt roofing systems installed over the attic space. This technical bulletin, published by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), takes a deeper dive into the considerations when evaluating an attic’s ventilation needs. Key takeaways from Considerations in Attic Ventilation System Selection include:

• Attic ventilation helps fight heat, moisture, and ice dams

• To work properly, attic ventilation should be balanced with intake and exhaust airflow

Do not mix different types of attic exhaust vents on the same roof above a common attic.


PDF Read the  ARMA Technical Bulletin - “Considerations in Attic Ventilation System Selection”


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  Against the Grain


By Paul Scelsi, Originally published in Roofing Contractor Magazine, May 2023.


Starting your own roofing company is not easy. In fact, owning any business has significant challenges. But being a female owner in a male-dominated industry such as roofing adds more complexity to the goal. Sara Klindtworth needed to take several steps to make her dream a reality by launching Solid Roofing NW in Salem, Ore., earlier this year.

(Open the PDF link below to continue reading the full article)


PDF Read the article - “Against the Grain”


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  Air Vent Article


By Paul Scelsi, Originally published in Roofing Contractor Magazine, March 2023.


Possibly the most critical — and as often underappreciated — part of business, I believe, is the role customer service plays before, during, and long after the transaction concludes with your customers.

Our podcast interview on customer relations features Air Vent Customer Service Manager Shelly Doubet, a 43-year veteran in the art of making clients happy, who retired in February 2023. Doubet shared some of the lessons learned for successful customer service interactions based on her long career at Air Vent, which she joined three years after the company’s founding in 1976.

(Open the PDF link below to continue reading the full article)


PDF Read the full article - “Commit to be Relentless About Client Satisfaction”


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PDF Read the article - “Handling a Negative Customer Review”


  Air Vent Article


By Paul Scelsi, Originally published in Midwest Roofing Contractors Association Magazine, March 2023.


Michael Huston, sales manager at Lindholm Roofing, Chicago, Illinois, is a big believer in sharing information with homeowners so they can make informed decisions about their roofing project – whether or not homeowners buy that new roof from Lindholm. In our podcast interview with Huston, he shared why he’s perfectly fine learning that the information he provided to the homeowner was ultimately used by his competition to give the homeowner the best new roof possible.

“In the end, you always want to do the best for the homeowner,” Huston says. “I have earned many jobs due to my grasp and understanding of proper attic ventilation. Sometimes Lindholm Roofing’s price estimate was higher than others. I also know that even when Lindholm was not used for the project the homeowner took our knowledge to the competition that was hired, and it was appreciated. I’ve even been asked to come back to make sure it was done correctly. A little knowledge goes a long way.”

(Open the PDF link below to continue reading the full article)


PDF Read the full article - “A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way”


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PDF Read the article - “What Separates You From Your Competition”


  International Roofing Expo



Stop by Air Vent’s Booth #6318 at the 2023 International Roofing Expo March 7-9 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas Texas!


One thing Air Vent knows is airflow. Air in. Air out. Flowing through the attic to help fight potentially damaging heat and moisture buildup as well as ice dams. Attendees can expect a live smokehouse demonstration showing the importance of balanced ventilation system and how balanced attic airflow works. Why is the smoke – which represents heat and moisture building up in the attic – stagnant? Why is it suddenly flowing freely? Stop by and see for yourself.

While in the booth, check out the hands-on roof displays including:

  • ShingleVent II – Our flagship ridge vent with a low-profile design that blends in nicely with the aesthetics of the roof. Spoiler alert: The vent’s external wind baffle is a key player in the smoke house demo.
  • Edge Vent – This roof-top application gives roofing pros complete control over often overlook attic intake air.
  • ShadowHawk – Our externally baffled roof louver that can be used either as an intake vent or as an exhaust vent.
  • Slant Back Static Vents - Our static vent offering comes in both aluminum and plastic .

Attendees can also learn more how to participate in our digital trade focus activities and even enter our Answer Me This question of the week to win pizza or a swag bag.

To enhance your International Roofing Expo experience even more, Air Vent will also be offering a digital swag bag to all those who stop by Booth #6318.

Looking for ventilation training for you or your crews? Stop by the Air Vent booth and sign up for any of our FREE “Ask the Expert” Ventilation Seminars running March into mid April 2023. To view the upcoming seminar schedule visit here: If you can’t wait to see us in March or you can’t make it to Texas, come visit us at airvent.com right now!


Additional Details at: Roofers Coffee Shop



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International Roofing Expo 2023



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