Impact of Attic Ventilation on Shingle Life

Impact of Attic Ventilation on Shingle Life


By Paul Scelsi, Air Vent Inc., published in Roofing Contractor Magazine, April 2021.


Among the many reasons to give residential attics a properly balanced ventilation system of intake vents (in the soffit or low on the roof) and exhaust vents (at or near the roof peak), is the impact it can have on the life of a shingle....We polled roofing contractors and asked: “In your local field experience, what percentage of shingle life reduction do you see due to incorrect or zero attic ventilation?” The results: 24% shingle service life reduction.


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Invest in Yourself and Your Business Through Ongoing Training

Homeowner Pushback


By Paul Scelsi, Air Vent Inc., published in Roofing Magazine, March 2021.


By investing in yourself and any employees you might have through continuous education, you help build your individual value and grow the company business overall. In many regions of North America, residential roofing slows during the winter months because the weather is not conducive to installing roofs. That opens the door for setting aside time for continuous education so that precious work time is not a conflict.


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2021 International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings

Every 3 years the International Residential building Code (IRC) releases code updates. 2021 is a cycle year. Below is the attic ventilation section. Key notes:


  • The minimum amount of attic ventilation remains 1/150 (1 square foot of Net Free Area for every 150 square feet of attic floor space. Attic floor is defined as length x width FLOOR of the attic).

  • The amount of ventilation can be reduced to 1/300 (in effect 50% less) BUT 2 conditions must be met (read the full code language in the PDF below).

  • Renewed for 2021 is the requirement that “Vents must be installed according to the vent manufacturer.” This includes: Don’t Mix Exhaust Types (ridge vents, wind turbines, box vents, gable louvers, power fans); and Exhaust Ventilation Must be Balanced with Intake Ventilation. (see the Installation Instructions for the ventilation product).


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Overcoming Homeowner Price Pushback

Homeowner Pushback


By Paul Scelsi, Air Vent Inc., published in CRCA Today, Winter 2021.


It is the homeowner’s right to collect and compare multiple estimates from residential roofing contractors for a new roof. It is also the smart thing to do. But it is unwise and unfair to compare the bottom-line prices without taking the time to understand any scope of work differences between estimates. If one estimate includes fixes to an improper attic ventilation system and the others do not, the comparison between estimates is no longer apples to apples. This is the frustrating world quality-conscious roofing contractors live in.


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Avoiding Moisture Problems in the Winter

Homeowner Hut


By Paul Scelsi, Air Vent Inc., published in Midwest Roofer Magazine, March 2021.


When we breathe while inside our homes, we’re generating water vapor. Some of that water vapor can potentially be damaging to our attic, our home’s building materials and to us. The need to properly ventilate residential attics is most obvious in the warmer months to help remove heat buildup. But wintertime moisture is equally a concern when evaluating attic ventilation.


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