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The pros’ choice for ventilation.

You can be confident that Air Vent products meet the highest standards for product quality and function. That's because we invest years of research and rigorous product testing to ensure our products deliver proven performance.

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We offer professionals the most complete line of attic ventilation products available: ridge vents from shingle-over, to tile, to copper and zinc. And a full line of additional ventilation products for the attic: powered and non-powered intake and exhaust vents as well as louvered vents. There simply isn't a better quality or more diverse selection in attic ventilation to choose from.

You'll find information about the dynamics of air movement under Why Ventilate. If you're shopping for an attic ventilation system, check Our Products . You can also get specific answers to questions about specifications, warranties, installation and troubleshooting in our Resource Center.

Have a question about installation? Air Vent specialists and engineers are just a phone call away. Ask them for help with product selection, specifications and application questions. Call 800-AIR-VENT (247-8368) or email us. And don't miss our FREE Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert™ seminars offered nationwide each winter.

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Gibraltar Industries acquires solar-powered ventilation product line. The purchase strengthens Company's Air Vent, Inc. innovation offering.



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