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In this industry article published by Roofing Contractor Magazine, we learn how a homeowner's energy bill dropped 25% thanks to balanced attic ventilation.


By Paul Scelsi, Air Vent Inc., Originally published by Roofing Contractor Magazine, August, 2021.


Two months after Precision Roof Crafters in Houston, Texas, installed the new roof, the homeowner text messaged Khaled Kazmi, roof specialist at the company. “I have a problem,” the text read. Not the kind of message you want, recalls Kazmi.

“I have to be honest, when the text message arrived, I was a little concerned because I normally do not hear about any updates that quickly from a homeowner and I’m just imagining what could possibly have gone wrong,” Kazmi says. “I decided to telephone the homeowner.”

During the phone call, Kazmi learned that the “problem” was an energy bill that dropped 25% from the same time one year ago. The homeowner told Kazmi she was thrilled with her problem. In this case it was a good “problem.”....

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